DSO 2018 Outstanding Athlete Award


Jim McCay

Most outstanding athletes concentrate their efforts on one sport.  This is not the case with this year’s winner Jim McCay.  Jim has competed in seven different sports in DSO competition including softball, baseball, badminton, track and field, golf, volleyball and weight lifting.  His favorites are softball and track and field.  Jim began his successful competing in DSO in 1999 and over the next 19 years he has earned a total of 97 medals including, 61 gold, 25 silver and 11 bronze!

He has also competed in the Eastern Shore Games winning a Gold in Discus, in the Long Island Senior Games, winning three gold in the discus and a silver in shot put and in the Diamond State Games, winning a gold in discus.  On the national level he has competed at the Huntsman World Senior Games bringing home one gold, one silver and four bronze all in softball and at the National Senior Games where his softball team earned a gold in San Francisco, Bronze medals in Houston, Cleveland and Minnesota and fourth place ribbons in Pittsburgh and Louisville.  Jim  also competed for the Wilmington Rowing Club for three years and medaled for the over sixties eights.  He completed the New York City Marathon five times between 1982 and 1988.  In 2008 he and his three brothers, all over age 60 ran the 400 meter relay race at the Penn Relays.  He also won a gold medal at the Kirkwood Fitness Racquetball Tournament.  Jim has made and held several records including the Long Island Senior Games record for discus at 112 feet for six years, the DSO weight lifting  records for bench press for 6 years, and for a 335 pounds dead lift for 6 years.

Jim also competes with several traveling tournament softball teams.  His most recent accomplishments were in 2017 with Bailey’s Talent Team winning the Canadian American and the Mesquite Nevada Championships and in 2018 winning the Myrtle Beach Spring Nationals with the Leidens Legends Team and being selected as the tournament MVP and in Glen Burnie, MD becoming SPA Qualifier Champs with the Peachtree Restaurant team and being named to the All Tournament Team.

For all of his successes in a variety of sports on the Regional and National levels DSO recognizes Jim McCay with its Outstanding Athlete Award!