2016 Track & Field Schedule

Delaware Senior Olympics 2016 Track & Field Schedule

TENTATIVE as of 8/1/16

EventAge GroupYimeNotes
Athlete Check InAll09:00 AM
Javelin65 and up09:45 AM
Discus50 - 6409:45 AM
Standing Long JumpAll10:00 AM
100 metersAll10:15 AM
Running Long Jump65 and up10:30 AM
Javelin50 - 6411:00 AMor conclusion of
discus for age group
see above
Discus65 and up11:00 AM
Running Long Jump50 - 6411:15 AM
1500 meter race walkAll11:15 AM
1500 metersAll11:45 AM
Shot PutAll12:00 PM
50 metersAll12:00 PM
High JumpAll12:00 PM
Pole VaultAll12:45 PM
400 metersAll12:45 PM
800 metersAll01:15 PM
200 metersAll01:30 PM