2017 Annual Banquet Award Video

DSO 2017 Outstanding Athlete

Maureen White

Maureen began her career as a senior Olympian due to the encouragement of Marion Lisehora. Marion was looking for volleyball or basketball players to compete on one of her teams. Maureen thought basketball was too rough and had never played volleyball but then heard that DSO also included swimming and that got her excited. She immediately joined the Sussex YMCA and started to work out with a goal of competing in the 2006 Delaware Senior Olympics. More than a decade later she is still competing and enjoying it. (Read more on our website...)

DSO 2016 Outstanding Athlete

Nancy Waddell

Nancy is a cyclist extraordinaire! She began her cycling career at the age of thirty four when she decided to change a lifestyle that included smoking and the gaining of undesirable weight to a more healthy one. She began competing in DSO Events when she was old enough and was immediately successful. She competed in all the DSO cycling events including the mile, 5k and 10k time trials and also the 20 and 40K road races. She won the gold in all the races in her age group. In 2003 she entered the National Senior Games at Hampton Roads and came home with gold medals in the 5 and 10k time trials and 40k road race. She tried Time Trials Tandem biking with a partner and she and her partner made the podium in all the events they entered. She also experienced biathlons for two years, which included running, biking and then running again. She was also successful in these events. (Read more on our website...)