About Us

DSO is a not-for-profit, volunteer, sports and fitness organization with a 20+ member Board of Directors. Founded in 1991, the organization's mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and fitness for senior adults through competitive and non-competitive athletic activities.

What Does DSO Do?

DSO holds annual state games for athletes of all abilities, usually in a 60 day period, during September and October. There are 30 different competitive sports, several non competitive healthy activities and over 50 events held at various venues throughout the state.

DSO also conducts numerous non-competitive fitness activities in which all Seniors are invited to participate all year long.

  • Senior Group Challenge: to encourage as many seniors as possible to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and exercise.
  • Walk Delaware: to walk a distance equal to the combined length and width of Delaware which is 131 Miles in one year’s time.

DSO also holds special events during the year, where the DSO members, families, and friends enjoy fellowship, fun and social interaction.

Are There National Senior Games?

DSO is a Member of the National Senior Games Association which holds national competition every two years. Qualifying State Games are held in even number years with National Senior Games held in odd number years, i.e., 2007, 2009, etc. For more information on the National Senior games visit the web site of the National Senior Games Association.

How Does DSO Recognize Achievement?

Receive Awards - Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the competitive games.

What Does It Cost To Participate in DSO?

For participants in the annual Competitive games, there are individual and team sports fees. All entrants must be DSO members. An annual membership only costs $30. For non-competitive Fitness participants, there is no fee.

What Else Should I Know About DSO?

DSO also holds special events during the year such as the annual picnic, fund raising auction, etc. These are events where the DSO members, families, and friends enjoy fellowship and social interaction.

How Are the DSO Activities Organized?

There is a coordinator for each competitive sport who is an advocate for his/her sport and is responsible for answering your questions and providing year-round training, clinics and informal competitions.

There are also coordinators for the non-competitive fitness activities, generally conducted at senior centers, YMCA's, malls (walking programs), and other places Seniors gather.

DSO's goal is to have 8,000 seniors participating in these programs by the year 2018.

Who is Eligible To Participate In DSO?

Delaware is an open state. All individuals 50+ are eligible to participate in the annual competitive games and/or participate in the non-competitive fitness programs. All competitive annual games sports are held separately for men and women in five year age groups starting at 50-54 up to 100+.

Why Should I Participate in the DSO?

For Fitness - Be healthier and enjoy a higher quality of life, look better, feel better, be more active, and live longer.

For Fellowship - Meet new people, make new friends, do things with others who have similar interests.

For Fun - Participate in organized fitness and competitive activities, fulfill desire to renew participation in your favorite sports.

How Do I Get Involved In DSO?

E-mail us at admin@DelawareSeniorOlympics.org and tell us you'd like to get involved ...OR

Phone the Sports/Fitness Coordinators for the activities of your interest... OR

Phone the DSO office in Dover at 1-302-736-5698 or Toll Free: 888-881-6128 for more information.