Age Requirements

Age categories are determined by your birthday as indicated on your membership form / entry.

This is not done by the athlete filling out the form, but by the DSO Office.

Age for the Games will be the athlete’s age as of December 31, of each year.

Normally, the senior Olympics is for any senior of 50 or more, but we have a few changes / openings this year:

  • Cycling (40+)
  • Volleyball (45+)
  • Individual competitions will be grouped by gender and by age categories in 5-year increments. Example: 50—54, 55—59, etc. Teams and doubles will be grouped by the age category of their youngest member (except Washers). Example: 50+, 55+, 60+, etc.
  • Pickleball (40+)

This information is also available in the print version of the registration packet (and the online version states that you please read the print version for age information, schedules, rules and more...).