Annual Games

Delaware Senior Olympics Annual Games

Delaware has held annual state games since 1993, usually from August through October.

We have seen phenomenal growth since our inception in 1992. Attending our first annual games in 1993, we had 160 athletes who competed in 11 sports. During our last qualifying year, we had over 1200 athletes competing in 29 sports, and over 1300 members.

The major strengths of Delaware Senior Olympics include the enthusiasm of the participants and volunteers, a strong Board of Directors and Office Staff, integration of athletic skills and fitness programs with healthy lifestyles and an opportunity to complete at both the State and National levels. The success of all of our programs provides a needed service to Delaware’s seniors. A positive image that projects a healthy lifestyle can motivate the 50 plus population to stay active and live healthier, fun filled lives.

Delaware is an open state. We welcome athletes of all abilities from all over the country. We recently had athletes from 22 states compete in Delaware to qualify for the National Senior Games (NSGA). We have 29 different competitive sports and over 50 events held at various venues throughout the state.

Results are listed on our website each year and records are maintained for: Archery, Bowling, Cycling, Golf, Racewalk, Rec Walk, Road Race, Swimming, Track & Field and Weight Lifting.

Our motto is "For Fitness, Fellowship & Fun".

View a list of all of our current sports and coordinators and jump in!