Big Time Women’s Softball

Women’s Softball

Women’s Softball
Women’s Softball Photo Back Row: Chris, Dorcy, Georgia, Ellen, Sue, Doris, Harriet, Bonnie
Front Row: Paula, Barb, Charly

For some women in Delaware and Maryland women's softball is big time, with 8 tournaments scheduled in different states from April to November. The sisters (Georgia Irwin, Doris Brown, Ellen Cavins), Harriet Mair (DE), Sue West (MD), Dorcy Wilkins (DE), Barb Sweeney (DE), Charly Neill-Roe (MD), Bonnie Strang (DE-PA) all played with the Blue Chicks of DE until age requirements placed them with different teams. They now play for teams in KY, VA, OH, DE and FL. Youngster Chris Bowman (PA) joins us for practice. They practice in Dover under the supervision of Coach PK, Paula Klemm (DE) who also plays for a team in DE. Each month they play in a tournament in a different state (FL, TN, KY, AL, SC, DE, UT). Often they travel in the same van with husbands Jaye and Phil as driver and navigator. Each tournament comes with its challenges – 2 to 6 games a day, 8 am to 9 pm times. After winning games, traveling together appears to be a highlight of the trip. Did I mention their age’s range from 66 to 81? Congratulations to a group of young seniors who represent DE in the most competitive divisions of softball through out the USA!

Article by Bonnie Strang

Dr. Bonnie Strang is the Women’s Softball Coordinator for the Delaware Senior Olympics. Bonnie competes in badminton, pickleball and women’s softball. She has competed in the National Senior Games in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 and the Huntsman Games, Utah, 2008-2013 in women’s softball and badminton. She is a member of the Golden Gals of Florida who won the Gold medal in softball in the 2011 and 2013 National Senior Games.

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