Coordinator Information

John DiSantis

Bowling competition for the Senior Olympics involves 3 categories: Singles (Men & Women); Doubles (Men & Women); Mixed Doubles (1 Man & 1 Woman). Bowlers compete within their own age group (50-54, 55-59, 60-64, etc). Singles competition will be held on a Tuesday, Doubles on Wednesday, and Mixed Doubles on Thursday. Games will be held in September/October annually with specific dates to be announced in advance. Each bowler bowls 3 games. Standings are based on series scores of the 3 games. Handicap is not used as bowlers are competing within their own age group.

Two preliminary tournaments are conducted, 1 in the northern part of Delaware and the other in the southern part. All registered bowlers will bowl in one of the preliminary tournaments of your choosing. Finals are held in mid Delaware. The top six preliminary bowling scores in each age category qualify for the finals.

Upon completion of the finals, medals are awarded to the winners in each age group; Gold for first place, Silver for second place, Bronze for third place, and Copper for fourth place. Qualifying bowlers will be able to compete in the National Senior Games held every other year.


Training Opportunities:

AMF Bowling - Price Lanes, in Wilmington is a proud sponsor of the Delaware Senior Olympics. Senior Bowling leagues are available. Call (302) 998-8806. lists 14 Bowling Centers in Delaware.