We’re Cancelling Our Toll Free Number

Our toll free number received less than 10 calls in 2017.

Delaware Senior Olympics will save over $260 a year by cancelling this unused service.

After careful analysis of our monthly phone bills, cancelling the toll free 888 number, just makes sense.

With the rise of cell phone use and the inclusion of long distance service into wireless and wired services, there is no longer a need to carry the cost of a toll free service number.

Please continue to contact us by:

  • Mail: 1121 Forrest Ave. Dover, DE 19904
  • Email: admin@delawareseniorolympics.org
  • Phone: 302-736-5698
  • FAX: 1-302-736-5977
  • Walk Ins: during our normal business hours (Monday through Thursday, 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am - 11am).

- Delaware Senior Olympics