Coordinator Information

Nancy E. Waddell – Cycling Coordinator

Nancy took up cycling in 1985 after quitting a 19-year smoking habit. She joined White Clay Bicycle Club (WCBC) and became active as a ride leader, ride coordinator, and editor of the club’s newsletter. She became interested in long-distance racing and competed in a 600 mile RAAM (Race-Across-America) qualifier and several 24-hr time trials. Nancy and her husband John also competed in Paris-Brest-Paris, a 1200km timed race. In 1992 she began racing with First State Velo Sport (racing club of WCBC) and competed locally as well as nationally, winning a gold medal at the USA Cycling’s national championship in 1994, 2 silver medals in 1995, and a bronze medal in 2003. In 1996 she had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch as it made its way to Atlanta, GA, for the centennial summer games.

Nancy started participating in the Delaware Senior Olympics cycling events in 2001. In 2003 she participated in the National Senior Games held in Norfolk, VA, where she won the gold medal in the women 50-54 5k and 10k time trials and 40k road race. In 2004 she was honored by the Delaware Women’s Alliance for Sport and Fitness with the Senior Sportswoman Award.

Although she continued to ride regularly she took a break from racing for 8 years but began racing mountain bike races in 2013 with a goal of competing at the national level.

The Delaware Senior Olympics offers both a time trial (5k, 10k) and a road race (20k, 40k). The time trials are held at Dover International Speedway and it’s an excellent opportunity to give bicycle racing a try – it’s just you against the clock. Riders are released at 1-minute intervals and race around the apron at the “monster mile” track. The road race is a mass start event where riders test their skills on the 40km course, and it’s held in conjunction with the Pedal Away Prostate Cancer Race.

Contact information: Nancy Waddell, phone 302-545-4146 (before 6 pm), e-mail