Dana C. Aultman – Pickleball Ambassador

Dana C. Aultman, USAPA Ambassador, Kent County

After playing nearly every racquet sport known to man, I became hopelessly addicted to Pickleball in early 2010 in upstate New York.  At that time, there were only about 40 players in the greater Rochester area.  Now that number is close to 800.  When Maggie and I relocated to Camden, DE in fall of 2010, it was the same situation with only a few scattered pockets of activity and none in the Camden area.  I became a USAPA Ambassador and partnered with Kent County Parks & Recreation to establish three outdoor courts at Polytech Institute in Woodside.  The growth of the sport since then has been explosive, due in part to the creation of the non-profit First State Pickleball Club, Inc. (FSPC) of which I’m the treasurer.  I personally manage the signups for Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club and Delaware State University.  For details on hours and availability, go to the USAPA “Places to Play” website.

Link to USAPA Places to Play