DSO 2012 Charlie Marten Memorial Award

Charlie Ganter

Charlie Marten Memorial Award

Flying around the basketball court with quick feet, lightning fast hands and an intensity unmatched by his teammates or opponents Charlie was on a mission to win and was rarely stopped. Then there were differences in Charlie, noticed by both his teammates and himself. Shortly after that Charlie was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. As the years went by Charlie’s skill diminished a bit, but never his passion and love for the game. In 2007 Charlie asked if he could help with the DSO basketball tournament and Gino gladly complied appointing him as the basketball coordinator. Charlie has built the tournament to one that is widely recognized as the next best to the National Senior Games. Although Charlie still enjoys a good “shoot around” and promised me that he would win the DSO basketball shooting competition this year, he is now focusing more on his work with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s to raise funds for finding a cure.

For his determined spirit and courage in overcoming personal challenges and for being an inspiration to others DSO awards Charlie Ganter with its 2012 Charlie Marten Memorial Award.