DSO 2014 Outstanding Volunteer

Krystal Sheets-Mackenzie and Duane Henry

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Krystal Sheets-Mackenzie and Duane Henry, their staffs and members of their Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Teams at Delaware State University have volunteered for over ten years to help conduct the DSO Annual Track and Field competition. Together they provide an average of almost 150 volunteer hours each year to assure that the event will run as smooth as silk.

Running a track meet is a complex undertaking. The DSO track and field competition consists of 13 events and up to 100 athletes.The 13 events include 7 field events requiring at least 6 different venues each with its unique characteristics and specifications. They also conduct 6 running events, no two of which have the same start position or finish position combination. Add to this the fact that each event could have as many as 18 age categories that have to compete. For this event to run successfully it needs many individuals with knowledge of the events and the skills to administer them efficiently. They serve as timers, officials, and everything from “go-phers” to technical experts. The Delaware State University track and field coaches and athletes have provided the expertise needed to run the meet as smoothly as possible with little to no cost to DSO.

In recognition of the meaningful effort and long hours of administrative expertise provided over a more than ten year span DSO recognizes Krystal Sheets-Mackenzie, Duane Henry and their Delaware State University Track and Field athletes with its Outstanding Volunteer Award.