Delaware Senior Olympics

Even Pickleball Is Second to Softball for Bonnie Strang

Article by: Del Moon , NSGA Communications and Media Director

Softball has the second-highest athlete participation of all sports in the National Senior Games. If you guessed Pickleball is the biggest, you are correct, and Bonnie Strang is a fierce competitor in both sports.

While Bonnie has enjoyed picking up pickleball and badminton in recent years, she got hooked on “America’s Pastime” as a kid and developed a burning desire to play with a bat, glove and ball. “When I was growing up there was no baseball for girls at school,” she recalls. “Girls weren’t allowed to play with the boys in little league, so I would play sandlot ball with them and watch their games through the fence.

Bonnie is currently serving on the Delaware Senior Olympics Board of Directors and as the Women's Softball Coordinator.

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