Let’s All Do the Step Up Your Game Challenge!

Dear Athlete,

We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and disruption of activities. So, how about having a fun and free competition with other senior athletes and friends from around the country? The National Senior Games Association has come up with a way you can compete as part of your state’s team in the National Senior Games Step Up Your Game Challenge!

The challenge is a virtual competition between the state Senior Games organizations and will take place from July 23-August 21. The challenge is also open to individuals of all ages, so encourage your children, grandchildren, neighbors, family and friends to participate with you by sharing the website link and Challenge password.  Daily steps and physical activity that you record will contribute to your team’s total score.

Create a profile and join your state team TODAY!  You can set up your user profile now at the link below.  Fitness tracking devices (i.e., Fitbit, Google Fit) can also be synced to the program!

Create Your User Profile and Join Your State Team Here:
National Senior Games Step Up Your Game Challenge

On the profile form when asked "Which Group Do You Belong To," scroll down and choose, OYOH Physical Activity New Registration

When prompted, enter the Challenge password:  seniorgames

CLICK HERE for sample screen directions on how to sign up, record activity and sync your fitness tracking device.

From July 23-August 21, login to the challenge, choose from a variety of physical activities, enter the number of minutes it took to complete your activity and it will be converted into steps.  You can also upload steps from your fitness tracking device.  Lots of things count as physical activity — even things you have to do anyway! Gardening, housework, and even shopping are all great ways to get moving and can be converted into steps.

The National Senior Games Step Up Your Game Challenge is a great way to be connected with your fellow athletes and get your competitive juices flowing again as you keep active. Sign up today!

NSGA is grateful to the Louisiana Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for access to the virtual platform, which has successfully engaged thousands of people to “step up their game.”

~The NSGA Team

email: nsga@nsga.com

727-475-1187, ext. 105