Let’s Play Pickleball

Local channel WHYY filmed "Let's Play Pickleball" for 2 days of 6 hours+ a day.

Our local Pickleball group, The First State Pickleball Club, spent two days playing hard for the filming of "Let's Play Pickleball".

Susan Brooker, the Delaware Senior Olympics Pickleball Coordinator wrote:

 A big thank you for all who participated over the 2 days of filming!

 The Stars of "Lets Play Pickleball" held a viewing party at Buffalo Wild Wings!

However 20+ Pickleballers Hooted  and clapped their way thru the 4 minute segment.

If you didn't get to see it.

Check it out!

Below is the weblink where you can see the program, just follow the instructions to the segment from Andrea the producer:

Message from Andrea the Producer of the show:

Hello everyone,

Below is the info and weblink to go directly to our show.  So note that there is a lead in then we come on 13:38 minutes later so don't forget to fast forward after you see the first few minutes.

Enjoy, I know I enjoyed meeting you all, shooting this story, twice, and learning about Pickleball.

The story hits around 13:38 but watch the start of the show. It's very cute then fast forward to 13:38. http://video.whyy.org/video/2365790486

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Want to play Pickleball?

Contact Susan Brooker at   suebrooker@aol.com or 703-203-3841.

Susan can help you pick the right Pickleball paddle and has developed fun line of Pickleball T-Shirts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Delaware Senior Olympics.