NSGA 30 Years of Memories

NSGA 30 Years of Memories: 2009 Palo Alto

Delaware is the smallest state with the biggest heart! After the Delaware Diamonds softball team qualified for the 2009 Palo Alto National Senior Games, 20+ team members got together and raised money to take the whole team. Support came from the entire state! They needed more than $10,000 and raised more to pay for flights, hotel, and food. AstraZeneca, a sponsor of The Games, joined in and highlighted player Susan Brooker’s journey to lose weight in order to play. AstraZeneca filmed her journey and posted it online and at The Games. The head of the firm made mention of the team’s journey and Susan at the opening night of The Games. Even though the team did not bring home the gold, their experience went well beyond competition. Some members of the team had never been on an airplane or traveled out of the state. The journey sometimes has nothing to do with medals or competition, but the journey itself!