Pistol Shooting Rules

Shooting Instructions

1. Starting position will be with the firearm unloaded and on the counter in front of you.
2. On the command to start, magazines/rounds may be inserted and firing may commence. On that command timing will begin. Speed loaders for revolvers are permitted.
3. The competitor will fire on each target sheet in three strings. The first string will consist of two (2) rounds in each target. The second string will consist of one (1) round in each target. The third string will consist of two (2) rounds in each target. That will be a total of 25 rounds.
4. Upon the completion of the firing sequence, the competitor will clear the weapon and place it back on the counter. At that point, timing will stop.
5. Target will be scored as follows: Center circle = 0 points, rings surrounding the center circle = 2 points, outside of target area but still on sheet = 4 points, completely off target sheet = 6 points, procedural violation (example – shooting targets out of sequence, safety violation, etc.) = 6 points. Bullets breaking lines will give the shooter the better score. Extra rounds fired into a target will have the better placement negated. Example – 2, 0s and 4, 2s will be scored as 1, 0 and 4, 2s.
6. Your time, plus the penalty points will equal your score (example – 22 seconds shooting time + 12 penalty points = 34).
7. The competitor will install target sheet number two and repeat the above sequence.
8. The totals from both target sheets will be added for the shooters score (example – sheet one, 22 seconds + 12 penalty points = 34, sheet two, 27.3 seconds + 11 penalty points = 38.3. Final score = 72.3). Lowest score is the winner.
9. Delaware Senior Olympic medallions will be awarded to those individuals placing first, second and third.


1. At this time there is not a qualifying performance standard. This event is not contested at the National level of the Senior Games.
2. The 2018 competition will be held 30 June beginning at 10AM at the Shooter’s Choice facility.


1. Shooters may only compete in one category.
3. Shooters must provide their own firearms, ammunition, eye/ear protection and incidental equipment to complete the contest.
4. Firearm will not have optical enhancements such as scopes or red-dots. Fixed iron sights only.


1. Competition will be one day and competitors will compete in classes of five year increments See #8).
2. The American Marksman Target will be used for the competition.
3. There will be two (4) categories of competition: (a) Pistol – rimfire or centerfire (b) Revolver – rimfire or centerfire. You will compete within your category and age group. Example: pistol/rimfire competes only against pistol/rimfire with your age group.
4. Competition will consist of 50 rounds of ammunition to be shot as follows: 25 rounds on target sheet one (1), 25 rounds on target sheet two (2).
5. Each target sheet has five (5) individual targets which will be shot in three (3) strings. String 1 (one) will have two (2) shots fired on each target. String two (2) will have one (1) shot fired on each target. String three (3) will have two (2) shots fired on each target for a total of 25 rounds. Sequence is repeated for target sheet two (2).
6. Scoring consist of time + penalty points. Penalty points are based on shot placement on the individual targets. Penalties are as follows: Within center circle = 0. Within the ring areas surrounding the center circle (including star area) = 2. Completely outside the target area (but remaining on the sheet) = 4. Completely off the target sheet = 6. Procedural penalty = 6. If a bullet impact crosses over more than one scoring section, the competitor will be assessed the lower penalty value. Each target sheet is recorded and both sheets are combined for final score. Example: Sheet one (1) 10 seconds time + 6 penalty points = 16. Sheet two (2) 11.5 seconds time + 9 penalty points = 20.5. Total score = 36.5. Targets with more than five (5) rounds impacted will be scored with the higher penalty value placements.
7. Competitors are required to complete a Shooter’s Choice waiver prior to shooting.
8. Competitors compete in five (5) year age groups in each of the categories. Ex: 50-54, 55-59 etc. Women compete against women, Males compete against Males.