Delaware Senior Olympics


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Links and information for all DSO Sports rules are provided below along with a link to the Official NSGA rules and Minimum Performance Standards.

Delaware rules may differ from NSGA (ex: allowing you to play more than 2 sports). Don't forget: Your DSO Sports Coordinators are your perfect resource for any questions you may have. A link to the Coordinator contact list is available on every page.



Baseball: additional info: Players will be assigned to a team.

Basketball: additional info: Teams must be registered by the team captain. Teams will be organized by the team captain.

Basketball Shooting:

Billiards: (also, call your pocket on each shot)


Bowling: (singles, doubles, mixed doubles) additional info: Pool is available. If you need a bowling partner, please call the DSO office at 302-736-5698. The top six bowlers in each age category at each location will compete in the finals.

Cycling: additional info: please refer to the Individual Registration Packet.

Golf: additional info: Shotgun start.

Horseshoes: Update coming soon...

Pickleball: and

Pistol Shooting:

Precision Rifle Match:

Race Walk:

Racquetball: additional info: participants will need to provide driver's license number..

Recreational Walk:

  • 1. no running is allowed
  • 2. one foot must be contact with the ground at all time.
  • 3. shorts preferred.

additional info: Check in 30 min ahead of race.

Road Race(s):


Softball: additional info: Teams must be registered by the team captain only. Teams will be organized by the team captain.


Swimming: additional info: Athletes may enter a maximum of six swimming events. *50 free novice open to first time swimmers only. Order of events are as shown on entry form.

Table Tennis:

Tennis: additional info:— athletes may enter a maximum of two tennis events! doubles play down to the age of the younger player. doubles must enter with a partner. no pool!

Track & Field:

Volleyball: additional info: Teams will be registered by the team captain only. Teams will be organized by the team captain.

Washers Overall rules:

The washers competition will be set up as a double elimination tournament with 2 players forming a team.

Teams are not gender specific. this means that

  • A team can consist of men and/or women.
  • A team competes against another team without regard to the makeup of the opposite team. Example: a 2-man team competes against a 2-woman team or a co-ed team.

Each game requires 15 points to win.

Each series will consist of the best of three games in order to advance.

Game specific rules:

A coin flip determines who goes first.

Each player tosses washers in a 2-2-1 alternate sequence.

All washers in the box scores 1 point; 3 points in the bucket.

A 3 point bonus is added if all five washers are tossed in.

Player that scores the most points in a sequence tosses 1st. in case of a tie, player with the highest point total tosses 1st.

Game ends when a player scores a minimum of 15pts and the opposing player has tossed all his washers.

The game point or points can be negated by the opposing player if that player scores right after the game point. For example, if player 1 scores 15, player 2 puts one right after in the box, player 1's score reverts to 14. no point is given to player 2. Player 1 can add insurance by tossing more washers in the box after 15, i.e. 16,17, etc. player 2 can negate these as well with follow up scoring.

Event set-up:
Place boxes 16ft from front box edge to front box edge. no backboard allowed.

Weight Lifting: Rules for weight lifting are predicated on basic power weight lifting criteria. They are as follows:
Bench Press

  • - 3 lifts per lifter
  • - can only increase weight if your previous lift is successful
  • - feet on floor, butt and head on bench during the lift
  • - bar stops on chest and press upward on the command signal

Bench for Reps

  • - men use 70% and women use 30% of body weight
  • - max reps in 2 minutes
  • - feet on floor, butt and head on bench during the lift
  • - bar must touch chest and arms must be locked out during press out to count

Dead Lift

  • - 3 lifts per lifter
  • - can only increase weight if your previous lift is successful
  • - bar must be pulled to your hips from the floor
  • - arms must be fully locked out

Additional info: participants will compete based on age category and weight class:
Men—132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242 lbs
Women—105, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198 lbs.

Wii Bowling and Wii Golf

1 person team

  • The Sports Wii Game will be the game used for the competition.


  • Lead Official will read the rules, follow participation order for play, keep

score, and oversee play

Beginning Rules:

  • Players will be given a brief warm up before each game
  • The participation order will be used to determine order of play


  • Games are automatically scored by the game and recorded by the judges.
  • 2 game scores will be combined for total score
  • In the event of a tie players will start a new game and play frame by frame. The first person to have more pins in scoring frame wins.

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