Time to Sup and Play!

Time to Sign Up and Play – Register Now!

It's Time to Play in the DSO Games!

We have a new sign up membership / registration system.

  • You can still pay for Membership online or mail it in
  • You will have your own ID and Password
  • You can sign up for one event or many
  • You can sign up for additional events at a later date (and the system will remember you!)
  • You can add your partner's name and or register an entire team online

When you REGISTER, choose your own username and password (at least 10 mixed case letters and numbers)

The events page will redirect you if you need to become a member.

Report Any Problems by sending an email to robyn@rmkirby.com

Please be specific:

  • leave your name
  • email address
  • what page you had trouble with
  • or what function you had trouble with

We opted to convert to the new system during a non qualifying year so that we could iron out any bugs under less stressful conditions.

Thanks for your patience!

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