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Chick Donovan
Chick Donovan

Chick Donovan is the Track & Field Coordinator for the Delaware Senior Olympics.

Chick has been a participant in Delaware Senior Olympics competitions since 2002. He has competed in swimming and track and field several times. He also competed in the National Senior games in 2007 in Louisville, KY. In 2010 Chick became the Sport Coordinator for Track and Field.

Chick is retired from full time work, but stays active by teaching as an adjunct at two local universities, in addition to maintaining a somewhat rigorous workout regimen. He is also an active member of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and currently serves as the diocesan coordinator for the Diocese of Delaware. However, his primary avocation is trying to keep up with 16 grandchildren.

Chick serves on the DSO Board of Directors.

Track and Field is one of the oldest competitive sports that we have, dating back to the ancient Greeks. In the Delaware Senior Olympics we conduct track meet designed to give as many Senior Olympians as possible a chance to qualify for the National Senior Games.

Our meet includes sprints, middle distance runs, jumping and throwing events. Competition has been held at Delaware State University for the past several years. With the University’s excellent facilities and the outstanding support given by the members of the track team, our meet has become one of the premier events in the Delaware Senior Olympics program.

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