Coordinator Information

Brian Paraskiewicz is the DSO Washers Coordinator.
Contact info:  bparaskiewicz@aol.com or  302-521-6206

WASHERS is a game of skill, similar to Horseshoes, in which individuals or teams compete against one another in an effort to be the first to reach a winning score of 15 points. The game consists of two washer boxes located opposite one another, each with a 4" diameter cup. Participants stand next to one box and throw washers toward the cup in the other box. The object is to land in the cup, or in the box, to score.

RULES: The Washers Competition will be set up as a Double Elimination Tournament with 2 players forming a team. A team can consist of men and/or women. A team competes against another team without regard to the makeup of the opposite team. Example: a 2-man team competes against a 2-woman team or a co-ed team.

Each game requires 15 points to win. Each series will consist of the best of three games in order to advance. A coin flip determines who goes first.

Each player tosses washers in a 2-2-1 alternate sequence. All washers in the box scores 1 point; 3 points in the bucket. A 3 point bonus is added if all five washers are tossed in.

Player that scores the most points in a sequence tosses 1st. In case of a tie, player with the highest point total tosses 1st. Game ends when a player scores a minimum of 15pts and the opposing player has tossed all his washers.

The game point or points can be negated by the opposing player if that player scores right after the game point. For example, if player 1 scores 15, player 2 puts one right after in the box, player 1's score reverts to 14. No point is given to player 2. Player 1 can add insurance by tossing more washers in the box after 15, i.e. 16,17, etc. Player 2 can negate these as well with follow up scoring.