Women’s Basketball

Barbara Dunn
Barbara Dunn

Coordinator Information

Women's Basketball

Barbara Dunn is the coordinator for Women's Basketball.


Annie Igo Rizzo is co-coordinator for Women's Basketball. Annie has participated in Delaware

Annie Rizzo
Annie Rizzo

Senior Olympics since 2001 and has won serveral gold medals not only locally but also nationally at the Huntsman World Games in Utah and more recently at the national Senior Olympics games in Cleveland, Ohio. in 2013.

Looking for fun? Women's Basketball is played on half-court by two teams of three players each.

Playing time is two halves of 10 minutes each.

You can practice by yourself or with a group. All you need is a desire and a basket and a ball!

Contact Info:

Barbara 302-654-7075

Annie igoarzz@aol.com 302-368-2756