Women’s & CO-ED Volleyball

Willa Jones - Women's and Co-ed Volleyball Coordinator

Willa Jones became involved with DSO Volleyball when she was first approached by Peggy Olivera. She feels really thankful for belonging to such a wonderful organization. Not only the exercise and competition but the wonderful people who have touched her life. Traveling to other states and meeting new people is definitely a plus.

Her goal is to expand the Volleyball teams and give younger women the knowledge that they can play at any age and to keep on going. Her role model is Marion Lishora. She just hopes she is able to keep playing when she is 80.

While visiting in Florida she learned to play Pickleball and brought it back and introduced it at the YMCA. From there, it developed into large groups participating all over the state.

For Women's and Co-ed Volleyball Competition for the DSO:

Contact: Willa Jones 610-742-0161 mamabear2424@comcast.net